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Sell your home plans with us and earn with our progressive commission rates which are geared toward our Architects and Designers being able to run a sustainable business model. Our Architects and Designers have the ability to charge for modification work, the most time-consuming part of selling Plans and Architectural Designs. You can also offer different packages for each Plan to encourage sales.


Earning Start at50%

Earning Start at70%

Managed Services

Managed service means we do all the setups, create product pages, and upload files, etc. We offer competitive author fee to all managed services at 50% of the item subtotal price. So, for example when the subtotal of an item is $100 the author gets 50% which is $50.

Non-Managed Services

Non-Managed Service means you setup your account, creates your products pages, and upload your plans through our front end submission form. Our Non-Managed Service Architects and Designers earn more. Non-Managed Service Architects and Designers fee start at 70% of the item subtotal price. For example, when a plan sells for $100, the author gets 70% which is $70.